Welcome to Vail Children's Choir!

A World Class Choir of 7th-12 grade students who sing in the clouds and Climb Every Mountain!

 A Choir for Everyone from beginners to stars. Check out our 1st Concert video below!

(Amazing, after only 5 rehearsals together. The kids learned all of these songs and melodies, including a song in Latin and Hebrew in only 5 weeks. They deserved and received a standing ovation!)

We don't care if you are a never ever or really rock the shower, we know you have a song in you and we will help you find your voice!

Come join us. All students grade 7-12 are welcome!


Hey, we can't guarantee you'll turn out just like Billie...

But we can tell you that Billie started out singing with the Los Angeles Children's Chorus and that her Voice Teacher (who has worked with her from a very young age) is on our Board and coming to conduct a Masterclass with our members this summer!

Janet J.

"Choir helps my confidence skyrocket."

Aimee R.

"I feel like I'm part of a big family in choir!"

Jamie S.

"It's a place I can go and clear my head and be in the moment."

John B.

"When I'm angry I just sing louder and pretty soon forget I'm angry."

Bridget B.

"Choir connects me to other choir members all over the world."

Angie B.

"I never knew I could sing like this or be part of something so beautiful, choir has changed my life!"

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